Goodbye dear friend?

It’s so hard to think of the mass extinction this oil spill has caused. In fact, yesterday while at the beach, I thought about what I’ve lost and my stomach sank.  In that moment, I saw a glint of blue glass peeking out of the sand. Incredibly enough, it was a paper weight, with glass blown waves and fish encapsulated within it. I almost started crying. It was like the ocean (even though it was the Atlantic ocean, mind you) was giving me a piece of my home that I’ve lost to the oil spill.  I couldn’t believe how this ended up in my hand at 8:30 in the morning…I guess because the ocean is a living, breathing being and I feel it’s pulse every day.  So, in all of this, I feel that I’m losing a dear friend to a mysterious illness. An illness that I feel powerless to stop and am relegated to sit idly by. Many of us feel this way…and how can we help? As I’ve mentioned before, don’t forget. Don’t let Home Depot and the Kardashians take over…think about ways, even small ways, that you can help and seek them out.

This article, written by Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld is one of the best articles I’ve read yet that describes the scene at the Deepwater Horizon.


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