I’ll take a Tropical Storm with my Oil Spill…and throw in a dash of Corexit

It’s official, the second named storm of the season is on her way. TS Bonnie is headed directly for the Gulf and may intensify over open waters after moving over South Florida.  In the past, I’d call my dad and we’d talk about the first storm of the season coming into the Panhandle.  We’ve weathered so many of these storms, it’s just so natural. Late last year, my mom was outside on the phone with me while the wind whipped around her. Well, that’s all changed thanks to the oil spill. Will there be toxic rain? What about the oil storm surge? How bad will it get? Will it get pushed up into the bays and bayous? No one knows for sure, and we’re all holding our breath. Being on the east coast of Florida doesn’t make it any easier. All I can think about is my family, my friends, the dolphins, the sea turtles, the blue heron…the list just keeps getting longer. Damn, BP. Damn you, the Minerals Management Service, Halliburton and the rest of them. Damn you for ruining my hometown. This tropical storm is just the icing on the cake.

For those of you who want to read a good blog on the track of the storm check out Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog from Weather Underground, I posted it below. Good, factual stuff. That’s what we need right now. Not crazy, “the methane gas is going to kill us all” information (although, that does scare the living tar balls outta me). We’ve got to keep our wits about us. Call your friends, family or neighbors – see if they need help to prepare or evacuate.  Hang out with them and talk. This is an unknown, never-seen-before-in-history combination of a giant oil spill colliding with a Tropical Storm / Hurricane.  We’ve gotta batten down the hatches, not only physically, but mentally. Hang in there.

Here’s the link to Jeff’s blog: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/show.html


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  1. dublinmick
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 17:28:08


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