Just gimme some truth…

This is a great John Lennon song that really sums up the whole Corexit situation. Check the song out on YouTube if you haven’t heard it. Yeah, there aren’t any tarballs, but the water is so toxic that it explodes test tubes and shrimpers are reported to be bleeding out of their rectums. No biggie, right?  I don’t know why the federal government won’t come clean about the Corexit.  My parents and I were talking about the dispersants recently and how toxic they are…my mom wants to know why they didn’t discover that Corexit was toxic 1.5 million gallons ago.

Talking about what’s happening to our backyard is so hard. All of those memories of going to the beach, playing in the sand, making drip castles with my cousins…will they all be wiped away? Watching the exploding water samples just makes my imagination run wild. I read that they are shooting Corexit as far down as 5,000 feet into the water column.  Seriously, the Gulf has become one giant science experiment…if you haven’t seen this, take a minute and watch it. This is why I’m so fired up about a bunch of kids playing in this toxic water.  Why won’t they tell the truth?


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