Getting to the truth…Corexit fears destroying ecosystem being realized

What is the real truth in this entire oil spill situation? I’m constantly frustrated by tourism boards who continue to tell everyone that the water’s great, but then we hear about local Coast Guard offices who have rubber stamped high quantities of Corexit on a “case by case” basis.

Now, BP is pulling out of the whole situation. Where are the people of the Gulf Coast going to be left? Are we going to be left with our version of a FEMA trailer? And if so, what exactly does that trailer look like? Does it mean that we’ll start to see two headed sharks and slow swimming dolphins? What about the families from Iowa who just want to swim in the ocean on their summer vacation? What about their health?

What is the butterfly effect from all of this? I mean, think about it. If a pregnant woman from Des Moines goes swimming in the Gulf and ends up with complications or even birth defects…how many lives will this catastrophe eventually touch? No one really knows…and all they care about is the “oil on the surface”.  No one is even thinking about the amount of oil in the water column or the Corexit that is invisibly poisoning the ocean…I’m frustrated. Really, really frustrated.

My friend Tony posted this today. Apparently, Corexit fears are finally being realized…


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