Amazing effort to save gulf marine life…

This guy is incredible. Jack Rudloe, a respected marine biologist who is fighting to keep our marine ecosystems alive in the gulf, has started Operation Noah’s Ark. Operation Noah’s Ark is attempting to preserve marine species  if they’re wiped out by the oil spill. He’s based in Panacea, Florida on the gulf coast. Here’s a video of him and his team:

I’m blown away by this herculean effort to save marine life that is so vital to our estuaries, bays, bayous, and oceans.  Click here to link to an article that Ben Montgomery from the St. Petersburg Times wrote about Jack and Operation Noah’s Ark.  Also, here’s a link to Jack’s nonprofit organization, it’s called The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and you’ll find links to Operation Noah’s Ark on his website.  What a great, positive story in all of this sadness and uncertainty…thank you, Jack!


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