Corexit Poisoning Continues in the Gulf

Wow…I just watched this video of Kindra Arnesen talking about the Corexit poisoning that has been and still is going on in the gulf coast due to the oil spill. This is a bit graphic, so if open sores don’t get you going in the morning, you might want to fast forward those parts. It was put out by Project Gulf Impact:

Damn. This is crazy. After watching that video you might think “Oh, well I live in Minnesota.” Or, “I live on the East Coast”. Or, “I live in California, it won’t affect me”. Wake up, people. This is serious stuff.  The Obama Administration wants you to believe that the oil is gone, they want you to believe that it’s all right to eat gulf seafood.  They also want you to forget about the largest man made environmental disaster in our nation’s history.

It would be a disgrace to humanity if we let this slip under our radar. Seriously. A disgrace.  It will affect you, I guarantee it. It will affect you or someone you know in the next few years. Remember, there are only 8 degrees of separation. This is a great article put out by Deborah Dupre, entitled “Too Sick and Scared of Obama’s Thugs: Austrailian SBS Reports Gulf Truth”.

So, the Obama Administration strikes again. If you haven’t checked out these articles by Jerry Cope, they are also worth reading: Crime of the Century Part I and Crime of the Century Part II.  

Jerry Cope recently approached BP officials in Dauphin Island, Alabama regarding the Corexit in the area:

Guys, this is serious stuff. This is not a case of a few people with “scabies” or “depression”.  People are becoming very ill in the gulf coast due to the use of Corexit. Please spread the word. This is a national emergency that is not being taken seriously.


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