Giving thanks…

It’s hard to think about the silver lining, sometimes.  Especially around the holidays, when we’re reminded of the people or things that we’ve lost along the way. For me, I remember going to the beach on a bright, cool Thanksgiving day and staring at the gorgeous blue water stretched out in front of me.  That memory is tarnished with the thought of crude oil laying at the bottom of it, Corexit floating through it’s veins…it’s sad. But, we have to remember that there is always a silver lining.  By that I mean those who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the people and the oceans of the gulf coast.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and share it with your friends, family and other concerned folks. You have been and are still an incredibly important part of getting the truth out about this disaster.

A big thank you goes out to other bloggers such as Summer Burkes from the Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse, Editilla from the New Orleans Ladder and Drake Toulouse from the Disenfranchized Citizen, who have been writing nonstop and constantly keeping us updated on the situation.

Thanks also to the community organizations and nonprofits who are relentlessly fighting for us, such as the Gulf Restoration Network, the Waterkeepers, Project Gulf Impact and the Surfrider Organization.

Thank you to all of those in the Twitter universe who are following the #oilspill, #corexit, #gulf, #bpcrud, #blacktide, and #BP hashtags and tweeting or retweeting (or both!) your hearts out to let folks know that this disaster is still going on.

And finally, thank you to the people on the front lines, the people like Drew Wheelan of the American Birding Association, Kindra Arnesen, and Dahr Jamail who have captured this disaster from day one and risked their lives to cover it.

I’m sure that there are folks that I’ve forgotten to include in this list of thanks, and in saying that, I’d like to thank them too…

Thanks to all of you for everything you do and please keep fighting for the truth, because one day…maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, the truth will be told about the largest environmental disaster in this nation’s history.


People are sick and dying on the Gulf Coast

Have you ever walked down an aisle in the Garden Center at Wal-Mart or Kmart and smelled the chemicals? I walked  through that aisle a few days ago and felt like I was about to pass out. It only had a couple canisters of pool chemicals, insect killer and weed killer, but I had the most terrible headache when I left. For those of you who don’t live on the gulf coast and have trouble grasping what is happening with the oil spill and the chemical poisoning, the federal government has basically dumped millions of gallons of a toxic cocktail containing pool chemicals, insect killer and weed killer in the backyards of  Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. This article just came out today and highlights the illnesses that people are still battling due to the oil spill and the Corexit.

So, the federal, state and local officials want to keep this dirty truth quiet. They don’t want the rest of the world to pick up on the fact that people are sick, extremely sick, and dying because of the oil spill and the government’s response to it.

In fact, Aljazeera (yes, you read that right, Aljazeera) has picked up on the illnesses being caused by the Corexit and the oil spill in this article. It’s amazing to me that this type of journalism is happening halfway around the world and our own media has completely forgotten about the gulf coast.  Anderson Cooper, where are you now? Have you abandoned the gulf in search of more high profile stories? Are the people living and dying in the gulf not newsworthy enough for you?

Obama and the rest of those that are keeping this story under wraps are negligent. They are killing people. They are killing our beautiful oceans. They are murderers. I’m sorry, those are some harsh words for a Monday morning, but they are killers.

If BP, the Obama administration and all of those who are keeping this story quiet were put on trial, would it be involuntary manslaughter or would it be murder in the first degree? I firmly believe it’s murder in the first degree, because they know what they are doing and they aren’t doin’ a damn thing to stop it.

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