Gulf Seafood Safety in Question

I realize that the safety of gulf seafood has been in question for a while, but there seems to be mounting evidence that it is not safe to eat. The Institute of Southern Studies released evidence today that testing of gulf seafood is not being done correctly and questions its safety. Based on this report, the toxic chemicals seem to be moving up the food chain. And who, by golly is at the top of that food chain? Well, lemme think about that one.  Hmmm….could it possibly be…humans? In fact, certain environmental groups are protesting FDA seafood standards, saying that they aren’t safe.

Recently, Obama told all military commissaries and mess halls around the world to begin selling and serving seafood from the gulf. I think it’s ironic that Obama is waging a war in Afganistan, but at the same time seeks to poison all military personnel along with himself and members of the White House. Oh, and I forgot to mention that prisons and public schools are also encouraged to eat gulf seafood.  Seriously??  This video, put out by Al Jazeera follows a few local fishermen as they speak openly about the fact that there is still oil in the water.

Play that video at the White House and then bring out the shrimp cocktails and the raw oysters.  As my grandma would say, “that’s enough to gag a maggot”.  Hey, I’m all for eating gulf seafood, as long as it doesn’t turn me into the Toxic Avenger. So, for now, I am not eating anything that lived or lives in gulf waters…and neither should you for that matter…and that’s a bold statement from someone who’s been eating gulf seafood her entire life.


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